Writing Rules

Not 1: Presentations and papers can be held either Turkish or English.

Not 2: Documents that are going to be sent and should be doc or .docx formats

Proceeding abstracts and full papers are going to be uploaded by the “Proceeding Sending” button.

For Abstracts,

    1. Papers should be written A4 size and Microsoft Word packaged software (.doc or .docx) format.
    2. Abstract should be average 200 words and maximum 300 words. Abstracts should be included theme and key words.
    3. Keywords in the abstract should not be more than 5 words. Keywords should be written with Times New Roman font and 10 pt.
    4. Abstract text should be 12 point Times New Roman font and with single space.



For Papers, (Full Text)

      1. Paper body format must be 12 pt. with Times New Roman font and 1.5 line spacing and centered.
      2. Margins should be; left: 3.5 cm, right 2,5 cm, top 3,5 cm and bottom 3,5 cm.
      3. Heading of the paper must be written in 14 pt. Times New Roman, Bold, and centered.
      4. Page numbers must not be included.
      5. Author or authors’ names, titles, institutions and departments must be written with star symbol in footnote. Author information must be written 10 pt.
      6. If the proceeding is in Turkish, English heading and abstract should be written after Turkish abstract.
      7. Section headings should be written uppercase, aligned left, bold, Times New Roman font and 12pt.
      8. Sub-section headings should be written only first letters uppercase, aligned left, bold, Times New Roman font and 12 pt.
      9. Numbering style should be in format like 1.1, 1.2, 2.1, 2.2.
      10. After headings and between paragraphs leave a blank line.
      11. Graphs and photos should not be overflow. Graph, photograph, table, figure and pictures explanations should be in the form like ( Graph 1. Graph 2 and., Table 1.,Table 2. ). Graphics, figure, table etc. sections must be 10 pt bold and Times New Roman font. Text in the table and graphics must be range of 8-12 pt.
      12. If full papers are produced from any previous study, it must be definitely indicted at sources part.
      13. Papers must be maximum 15 pages.
      14. In full texts, references must be shown as footnote, in the form of surname of author, issue year and page number of reference
        for example: İnalcık, 2014, s. 27.
        Or in paragraph (APA System)
        for example : (İnalcık, 2014: 27)


    Poster Preparation Rulers

      1. Posters should be 70×100 cm
      2. Posters should comprise of abstract (Turkish and English) keywords, introduction, material and method, finding, conclusions.
      3. Posters should write with Times New Roman font
      4. Bibliography should be write in subsection of posters as footnotes
      5. Posters should be removed by owners at the end of the determinated time.