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International New Tendencies Congress in Ottoman Researches (INOCTE 2016) Bildiri Kitabımız yayınlanmıştır. Sayfamızın Publications linkinden indirilebilir.

Dear Colleagues,

We pride ourselves on inviting you to our congress themed “First International New Tendencies Congress in Ottoman Researches 2016” at Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina on October 7-9, 2016.

The Ottoman Empire, covered a wide area about six century and included ethnic and religious diversity in its structure, was an important state in the world history with its culture and civilization and domestic and foreign policy. It has been taken attention scientists how Ottoman Empire, which turned into a great empire from a small principality on a wide area hosted the oldest civilizations, adjusted the internal and external changeable factors also this subject has been discussed in a lot of studies. In addition, because of establishing long-term dominance and leaving deep scars on the wide area from the Balkans to the Caucasus and from northern side of Black Sea to Arab World and African coast, there is need of more researches and new perspective to understand and explain the history of modern state established in this land.

The aim of this congress is to create a platform, discussing the latest Ottoman studies and share experiences and knowledge with the scientists Ottoman researches.

We are looking forward to honor us at Sarajevo/Bosnia-Herzegovina. We believe that the congress will be a better academic platform with your contribution.

Congress languages are Turkish and English.


Prof. Dr. Alaattin Aköz

Congress Chairman